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Login Difficulties
Posted on  05/05/2017

Hi All, My humble apologies for the difficulties you've had logging into the member area over the last few days. We had to do a server software upgrade in order to be able to keep using our content management system, and we ended up with several corrupt databases (as well as some other very strange and unplanned events!). That should pretty much all be behind us now though. But there is one more thing that I plan on working on shortly, which is switching the main site to more secure browsing (i.e. HTTPS from HTTP). I don't anticipate that this will cause any issues, but who really knows ... lol. My apologies again. Cheers! Jerry

Seasons Greetings
Posted on  12/23/2016

Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas! Just sayin' ... It's amazing how quickly Turkey Day came and went, and now the next holiday is upon us. Here's to a great but safe time over the Christmas, and all the very best wishes for a great 2017! Thanks once again for being members, and happy holidays once again! Cheers! Jerry

iPhones, iPads, and Logins
Posted on  10/23/2016

You may have noticed some bumpy logins over the last day or so ... we were working in earnest to resolve a few issues that have plagued us for quite some time now. And we were successful!! - Playing movies on both iOS and Android devices now works properly! We had lots of issues getting newer iPhone and iPads to play our movies properly and that has finally been fixed. - Usernames and Passwords can now use special characters such as the "@" and "!" signs that are commonly used nowadays. Up until now, these characters had unpredictable results when attempting to log in, but that is now fixed. Thanks very much for your patience while we resolved these issues. Cheers! Jerry

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