Hands On Orgasms

We've received a lot of positive feedback from our members about our “hands-on” orgasm scenes … so, when the girls are willing, we have been able to compile a DVD of our models enjoying, nice real pulsating orgasms induced at the hands of our videographer.

For the first hands-on orgasm, we see a very close-up camera view of Emma Butt's pierced pussy. The cameraman is using a pocket rocket to stimulate her. The cameraman rubs the toy in little circular motions all over Emma's pussy – her inner lips, her outer lips, her clitoris and right-down the middle near the opening of her vagina, too. Emma moans softly as the toy is placed higher on her clit, then back between her folds again. When the cameraman gets busy using both hands to simultaneously pull up on Emma's clit while making circular motions on the side of Emma's clit hood, Emma starts to get really excited. But, that doesn't quite do the trick for Emma either, so the camera man takes a finger down and inserts it into and out of Emma's vagina, all the while the pocket rocket is busy on her clitoris. The cameraman gets his finger nice and moist, then lubes her clitoris with it. With a finger in her vagina, he reaches for the black thingy massager and applies that to Emma's clit. Emma suggests that the cameraman carry on with his finger while she operates the magic wand … she says she is close and she wants to cum. And so it goes – finger in her pussy, hand high on her inner thigh and wand on her clit. Within just a few minutes, Emma has a strong, contracting orgasm and she lets out a big orgasmic yell and a nice, “Oahhh” after her orgasm.

The next scene features Donna D's totally shaved pussy. Donna has a pretty cooch, with notably small lips and a small clit - all the bits are well-formed and she has somewhat puffy outer lips. The cameraman enjoys applying lube to her for a bit while a little light-purple vibe is buzzing all over that pussy, too. The vibe is worked around the outside of her pussy, then slowly used to stroke her pussy, before going back up on her clit. A string of thick white pussy juice is starting to form on the inside of her cooch as the vibe buzzes her clit in small circular and sometime up-and-down motions. As the thick white juice is oozing out of her pussy, the toy is going round-and-round, back-and-forth on her clit until she cums. She giggles and says, “Thank you!” to the cameraman before her uses his finger to play with all that pussy juice.

Ayla is sitting in the orgasm chair in the next scene which is filmed in a full-body view. Ayla has large breasts and very large pussy lips. Her cooch is completely shaved, except for a small triangular airstrip on the top. The cameraman uses the black thingy vibe on Ayla's pussy first – I like the way her lips move as the toy moves and as Ayla becomes more and more aroused, her lips kind of separate and part a bit. The cameraman lays one finger on the side of her clit while placing and working the toy on the other side as Ayla's breathing becomes more pronounced. After a bit, the cameraman inserts a finger into Ayla's pussy, stroking it and fingering it while the toy stays on her clit. Ayla closes her eyes and softly moans and pants. She reaches her hands abover her hand, kind of scrunching them into the chair, moaning and panting and finally releasing into a big, strong, long orgasm. The cameraman massages a breast and her clit afterwards spreading Ayla's pussy lips wide apart and rubbing her clitoris with her pussy juice. He asks her if that was ok and she giggles and says, “It was marvelous, thank you!”

Rose is bent over for a bottoms-up close-up. The cameraman is touching and fingering her pussy, letting her know that she is quite wet. He reaches for the black thingy massager and works it in little circles around Rose's pussy. He separates her butt cheeks a bit and uses a finger to apply a little anal stimulation, insertion and massaging. This sess goes on this way for a bit before Rose has to take matters into her own hands. The videographer turns over the toy to Rose as her slowly and gently runs his hand along her bottom and legs. He fingers and plays with her bottom again while she keeps the toy on her pussy. Rose uses her hand not holding the toy to spread and separate her pussy lips and then she has a nice, kind of squealing orgasm complete with lots of nice butt-puckering contractions! She giggles a bit and is very sensitive after her orgasm but the cameraman still manages to insert a finger and play with her tight pussy and wetness.

The cameraman is using an egg vibrator on Audrey Steele's very trimmed pussy – I don't recall whose cooch this is. The egg vibe is quickly replaced with the dolphin toy, but she is very, very sensitive to any and all clitoral stimulation. After trying several different toys, the cameraman and Audrey decide to just use the old fashioned hand and finger massage method. Audrey twitches and jumps – her leg shaking – as the cameraman flicks his finger back and forth, round and round on her clitoris, keeping her lips spread until Audrey enjoys a nice orgasm.

(Length: 68 minutes)

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