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Seasons Greetings
Posted on  12/24/2018

My, my - how time flies! We're approaching the end of yet another year ... heading towards the end of our 16th year I might add! Incredible. And what a year. It's been a tough year on many fronts, some good, some bad, but we're still doing what we do and are poised to make 2019 a fantastic year! Thanks to all of you that are part of our cause - you're the ones that make it possible! Wishing you all safe and very happy holidays, and loads of happiness, health and wealth in 2019! Cheers, Jerry

** Important ** Server & Technology Upgrades
Posted on  03/19/2018

It seems that technology keeps changing at an ever increasing rate and with it, all kinds of browser and device requirements, performance expectations, content quantity and quality requirements, security issues, and the list goes on and on and on ... and never seems to stop! In order to try to keep up, we find ourselves once again having to upgrade our servers to something bigger, badder, and better. As part of this effort, we are upgrading all of our software to comply with the requirements of today and tomorrow (for as far as we can actually see). This will likely include a revamp of both our public facing sites and our member area, although these will likely be part of phase 2 of this initiative. Obviously this is proving to be a HUGE project for a small business like us, and there will likely be some glitches along the way. Please bear with us while we work towards making your experience on our sites better and safer. Thanks very much for your patience! Cheers, Jerry

Login Difficulties
Posted on  05/05/2017

Hi All, My humble apologies for the difficulties you've had logging into the member area over the last few days. We had to do a server software upgrade in order to be able to keep using our content management system, and we ended up with several corrupt databases (as well as some other very strange and unplanned events!). That should pretty much all be behind us now though. But there is one more thing that I plan on working on shortly, which is switching the main site to more secure browsing (i.e. HTTPS from HTTP). I don't anticipate that this will cause any issues, but who really knows ... lol. My apologies again. Cheers! Jerry

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