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iPhones, iPads, and Logins
Posted on  10/23/2016

You may have noticed some bumpy logins over the last day or so ... we were working in earnest to resolve a few issues that have plagued us for quite some time now. And we were successful!! - Playing movies on both iOS and Android devices now works properly! We had lots of issues getting newer iPhone and iPads to play our movies properly and that has finally been fixed. - Usernames and Passwords can now use special characters such as the "@" and "!" signs that are commonly used nowadays. Up until now, these characters had unpredictable results when attempting to log in, but that is now fixed. Thanks very much for your patience while we resolved these issues. Cheers! Jerry

Site Attack
Posted on  06/08/2016

Our sites have been the target of a cyber attack that was designed simply to be disruptive. The attackers seem to take pleasure in deleting chunks of site. Rest assured that all of your personal data was not affected as none of it resides on our servers. I am still working on restoring what I know was deleted - all of the movies should work even though the images are still missing. Regenerating all of the images will take a little bit of time, simply because there is quite a lot of it! I guess that's the "good news / bad news" thing ... I'm very sorry for the inconvenience - we're doing what we can to try and ensure this doesn't happen again. Cheers! Jerry

Seasons Greetings
Posted on  12/25/2014

Seasons Greetings from all of us here at! Wishing you a great but safe time over the holiday season, and all the best wishes for a happy, healthy, and hopefully a wealthy 2015! We also wanted to thank each and every one of our new members for choosing our site in 2014, and a special thanks to our many long term members for helping to keep our drive alive ... the drive to film as many real and visible female orgasms as we possibly can! We have a lot planned for the New Year, and we're really looking forward to sharing the results with you ;-). Thanks once again, and happy holidays! Cheers! The Femorg Team

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