Hands On Orgasms started as an off-shoot to our real female masturbation and orgasm videos when we discovered that some of the girls were so turned on by the shoot that when our cameraman asked if they'd like him to get them off they jumped at the chance - it's always different if someone else does it to you afterall! And many have kept cumming back for more and more hands-on orgasms

Admittedly, the camera man really enjoyed this too - a win-win for all!! And "Hands On Orgasms" was born ... and it truly is both erotic and educational!

Samara Sands Red Panties & Wet

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He is using a literal lipstick vibe on Samara through a pair of black and red opaque panties. He asks her to take off her panties, then spreads her lips wide noting, “Oh my, you’re wet.” Gently pulling one lip to the side, he stimulates her clitoris. Samara is obviously aroused with lots of little pre-orgasmic twitches. She cums once with obvious contractions and he continues to keep the vibe on her clit until she has a totally wet, trickling orgasm. The juices flow right out of her and right down to her bottom and the bed. But, he doesn’t stop there. Samara doesn’t cum again, but her dips his finger into her juices and rubs them on her “swollen clitoris”. Noting, “I thought you said you didn’t gush.”

5 minutes, 31 seconds of video

In addition to the scenes on our Hands On DVDs, members get loads of other scenes from other video shoots - hours and hours of videos of women getting stimulated to orgasm!


These women get so turned on, they just want to cum. Some like just clitoral stimulation, some like a finger inserted. Some like the pocket rocket, and some like the wand. Others like anal stimulation or light bondage. But they all end up having strong, pulsating pussy orgasms!

This site is purely a product of our Hands On "efforts", showing videos of ALL of our Hands On scenes with ALL of our models that wanted our help!

The photographs used on this site are not high resolution as they are images taken from the actual videos. The videos on the other hand are straight rips from Digital Video cameras - you can watch hours of Hands On scenes, women cumming over and over again as they get stimulated with fingers, toys and more!

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